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2013-11-03 01:26:38 by Decibel7

Stopped making tracks like I usta. BUT I'M BACK AND I've got QUALITY material! I've moved!


I'm just curious as to what the general populous on newgrounds comes to listen to in the Audio portal. Do you browse with an open mind or do you specifically want a certain sound?

I'll start:
I don't have a mindset in place, but whatever I can bob my head to. Usually some form of abstract techno. I like that kind on here because there's usually nothing you can compare it to. So unique.

Audio portal voters.

2011-08-13 18:44:32 by Decibel7

Audio Portal. Yeah, you can listen and vote and even leave a comment.

As a music creator, non-professional mind you, I may produce absolute shit and not realize it. However, sometimes I work really hard on stuff and when some of my songs seem to start doing well (which I get happy for) then they drop incredibly low. I feel like there's some NG asshole with high voting powers that stalks me (and maybe other people) just to vote 0 on everything.

Maybe I'm being paranoid.

The point is, I WANT to make awesome music. I think everyone does. But I CANNOT if no one EVER leaves comments to tell any of us how we did or what sucked or what needs to be considered next time. I'm not a fucking mind-reader here. If you absolutely hate my stuff and your brain is yelling at you to click the rating at ZERO, go ahead. It's free will. BUT PLEASE leave a comment and tell me why. I don't have the best equipment either! Maybe my headphones suck and what sounds to me like a masterpiece may sound like a whale taking a huge shit at the bottom of the ocean to you. Tell me!

Even if you like it! Some of my music does decent on here. That's great! But most of the time I'd like to know why! WHY did you like it? I can keep whatever it was in mind for my next piece.

If you're on the audio portal and you vote something, give us musicians feedback. 98% of us are not professionals. That's why we're on the internet. We'd really appreciate it. Especially me.

Thanks. :)